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Hajna Nova Ves

Hajna Nova Ves
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Hajna Nova Ves
Información de venta
Región: Slovakia
Precio: € 30,000

A superb, lovely clay cottage, in a tiny village (350 inhabitants) between Piestany & Topolcany, quiet & calm guaranteed.
It is located on a dead end road. Shops, a local bar & restaurant, postoffice, public transport (buses), all within walking distance.

Average temperature during summer is never too hot as it is on a higher level (hills).
During winter there is usually snow. Skiing facilities etc. are available in the area.

The property consists of a large garden (1.200 m2) with fruit trees, walnut trees, and the house (70 m2 floor) with a shed behind it.

House includes:
2 rooms
Big kitchen / dining room
Fully equipped bathroom (hot water)
Central heating, as well timber heating on furnaces, electricity, tap water, natural gas, telephone, septic tank, etc.
i.e.: all major works have been done.

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